"I have used PCYS for almost 20 years, they commissioned two new large yachts for me as well as provided all maintenance and repairs, new system installations such as diesel heaters, electronics, sanitation, every detail needed for keeping up our several yachts over the years.  Just unsurpassed knowledge, integrity, honesty and fair pricing.  A few times in a bind while on vacation and no matter where I am, they have come to the rescue or found a solution, even half way to Alaska in remote areas!  Paul and staff do what they say they will do and do it well."

-Kim Lorenz

"Pacific Coast Yacht Service has been sevicing my boats since their beginning and before. The first being a Tolycraft commissioned in 1987. It has now been 30 years since my first introduction to Paul and the PCYS team. I have always found them to be fair, efficient, knowledgeable and honest in all of my dealings with them. When I purchased our 2000 Ocean Alexander commissioned, a condition of sale was to have PCYS commission it. This was before they had a contract with Ocean Alexander. They have been sucessful in continuing year after year to make our boating experience something to look forward to. I have often told Paul that I will keep boating as long as he and his crew are there to take care of our boating needs."

-Steve Huling

"Have been with these people since 1998….almost 20 years! And plan to stay with them for the next 20.
Most trustworthy and reliable people that we will have on our boat. Can call them night or day seven days a week. They have a network of reliable support even if in Canadian waters.
Believe us, they are the best."

-Dennis & Cathy Graham

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul and the complete team at Pacific Coast Yacht Services on all of my Ocean Alexanders.  Professionalism, timeliness and on budget each and every time!  Without a doubt the place to go if you want your boat to be the best it can be!  Thank you for taking care of our boat Pacific Coast Yacht Services."

-Scott Thenell

MV Ink on Paper

“I love the team at Pacific Coast. The quality is great, the speed is great, and they are always flexible and make time to take care of my boat. They feel more like a bunch of friends who know how to fix boats than a yacht service company.”

-Adam Sohn

"Pacific Coast Yacht Service has performed work on the yachts that I operate and manage for over a decade, they do a fantastic job !"

-Capt Dan McClure

Yachtkeepers Inc

"Pacific Coast Yacht Service did a fantastic job of reworking my 1986 Tollycraft 44 CPMY. Paul and the staff were very knowledgeable and extremely responsive to all of my questions and requests. Their work is always first class. Repairs and modifications are performed by real craftsmen who are justly proud of their work. I highly recommend PCYS for any work, large or small, you need on your yacht."

-Mike Lawrence

"Pacific Coast Yacht Service has taken great care of our boats for 25 years. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy. We’ve always been completely satisfied with their work and timely service. We recommended them to all our boating friends. When Pacific Coast works on your yacht you know the work will be performed flawlessly."

-Mike Rodgers
MV Things Change